Welcome to SRQ Captain

Capt. Brandon Kamienski is a 100 Ton Master USCG Captain.  Educated by Houston Marine Institute of Louisiana.  Learning from a professional institution for the maritime industry, allows their graduates to learn and most importantly retain the important aspects to keeping everybody on the water safe.  By obtaining a master's license in this manner he has a better understanding of the waterways than others who enroll in a crash course to be called "captain".

Brandon has been working as a professional Captain since April  2002.  Since then he has accumulated thousands of hours at the helm running numerous styles of boats.  Whether he is running smaller family cruisers or long range trips, safety is just as important.  Allow SRQ Captain to keep your family and your investment safe from navigational hazards.  

Captain Brandon Kamienski grew up in the small commercial fishing town of Belford, NJ.  His hometown influence triggered his instinct from a bloodline of respected fisherman.  He has always been surrounded by saltwater whether it was working the decks of the family charter boat or years of commercial fishing it has molded Brandon to be one of the elite.  Experience is paramount when you are considering hiring a captain.  Capt. Brandon has done it all from engineer of commercial boats to captain of new 70+ft Sportfishing boats.  

Upon moving to Florida, Capt. Brandon has continued his professional career in the marine industry.  Specializing in luxury sport cruising yachts and high powered diesel sport fishermen.  He is currently based in Sarasota, FL but have vast experience running boats up and down the eastern sea board, the Florida Peninsula, including the Florida Keys.  While residing on the west coast of Florida, Brandon has premier knowledge of both hidden and luxury the boating resorts.  Allow Captain Brandon to take your family on a vacation, enjoy the trip and time with friends without fear of navigation. 


Captain Brandon Kamienski  (941) 400-7876  or Brandon@SRQCaptain.com